Thursday, March 8, 2018

Organic and Handcrafted - Sweet Deals and a Giveaway!

Greetings to you all!

I'm back again with a couple of sweet deals that you don't want to miss! This is a promotional post for people of the female persuasion. Or those gentlemen who shop for their sweethearts and others!

Is it your inclination to support companies that create quality handcrafted merchandise? Do you prefer products that are good for your body and soul? Do you prefer produce that's naturally good for you? Are you concerned about the ingredients in the cosmetics and products you use?  Would you like those products to be natural and organic? What about great customer service?

This post is about two businesses.

One brings you handcrafted items in beads and baubles and fine fabrics. Romantic products specially designed for the gentlewoman. That business is one you are familiar with. That business has a giveaway at the end of this post! Plus something else! 

But mostly, this post is about this second business!

It is one you may not be familiar with yet. It is one I support with my whole heart. If you read my posts on my blog, you may have noticed on the right sidebar I have a graphic called Clear Skin Minerals. The same photo you see here above. (Clear Skin Minerals photos are used by permission.) Lisa is the owner of Clear Skin Minerals and she creates natural-vegan-organic makeup - with delicious and safe ingredients you can feel good about putting on your skin!

I started ordering from her back in August of 2015 and instantly fell in love with her organic cosmetics! Today, I'm promoting her business because I love her products AND because I am part of her affiliate program. Keep reading for your sweet deals and my giveaway!

Here is a glimpse of the organic cosmetics I use from Clear Skin Minerals.
I currently use the TAME serum, powder foundation,  powder blush, and lip gloss (cherry flavor). The natural bristle makeup brush was a surprise (and free) item that came with one of my earlier purchases from her. It is SO soft!
I love her moisturizers! This anti-age natural skin serum is for mature faces - like me! or anyone! She offers another serum with Vitamin C.
The powder foundation is great! A little bit goes a long way. Buff on a little bit of powder. Wait a couple minutes for it to meld into your skin. You may not need to add any more. It really covers nicely!
Just a few grains of the powder blush is all it takes to give your skin a rosy glow. The powder will last for quite awhile! A couple other items shown below are the XO Dust (night powder and oil control) and the Angel Dust - just a touch provides a beautiful shimmer for special occasions.
 Here are some samples I've saved over the past three years that Lisa has added to my purchases. It's nice to get free things to sample, isn't it?

All her cosmetics have NO added chemicals, preservatives, parabens, or bismuth. You can read about all the natural ingredients on her website AND get instructions on how to properly apply her organic makeup.
 Her natural makeup is for all ages - all skin types - acne safe - anti-aging!

Suffering from acne? Check out her Acne Dust - made of certified organic ingredients!

And did I say she provides great customer service? 
 Did I also say she provides FREE SHIPPING for U.S. residents?



To receive your personal 20% LIFE-TIME COUPON to my Etsy shop (Tintenfleck Studio) for any jewelry or fabric bag purchase (not including artwork) AND receive a FREE zippered makeup case - plus 20% off your purchase of Lisa's lovely organic makeup, please do the following:

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2.  Purchase any item(s) from Clear Skin Minerals.

3.  When you receive your Clear Skin Minerals organic makeup, scan or photograph your order receipt and email it to me confirming that you purchased an item(s) from Clear Skin Minerals using the special link I gave you above.

4. NEXT - Subscribe to my blog posts with your email address. To subscribe, type in your email address in the space provided under the Icon "Follow Me." After typing in your email address, hit Enter, and follow the prompts to confirm your subscription. When you have done so, please contact me via email ( so I can confirm that your address has been added to my subscription list.

(If you are already a subscriber to my blog posts - please let me know!)

5.  Once I receive confirmation of your email subscription and a copy of your organic makeup receipt, I will send you a special coupon code to use in my Etsy shop - for 20% off any jewelry or fabric bag purchase - for LIFE! This coupon code is NOT to be shared with anyone else. IT IS YOURS TO USE AGAIN AND AGAIN!

Then, as a thank you gift for purchasing from Clear Skin Minerals and signing up to receive my blog posts, I will mail you a zippered makeup case FREE! - including shipping!  It is yours to use for your makeup or what-have-you. The free makeup case is a one-time giveaway.

Please note that you must also use the link to Clear Skin Minerals to receive 20% off ANY future purchases. As many times as you wish! I will receive a commission each time you purchase from Clear Skin Minerals. You help yourself out and me at the same time! Using this link will NOT cost you more. I thank you in advance!

If you have any problems with the link for Clear Skin Minerals, please let me know immediately. You can also access that same link from the sidebar of my blog where you see the Clear Skin Minerals photograph. Just click on the photograph to receive 20% your purchase.
And remember, if you want to receive a 20% life-time coupon to my Etsy shop, and use it for as many times as you wish, you must make a purchase from Clear Skin Minerals and follow the directions above using the link provided here.

 Of course - you can purchase Lisa's organic makeup using the special link all the time without signing up for my blog posts or  requesting a free makeup case, BUT I DO HOPE YOU WILL! Because if you don't, you won't be given a special life-time coupon to my Etsy shop. And you DO want to have a life-time coupon to MY shop - yes?

Friday, February 9, 2018

It's time for a DIY Victorian Boot!

Hello lovely people!

Today I'm delighting you with a new design in felt "purses!" In a previous post, I showed you how to make tiny little felt envelope purses with button closures that are a perfect fit for my handcrafted pendants. If you haven't seen that post, you can access it HERE
The image above was taken from

While surfing the web the other day, I came across a photo of a "Victorian" boot for sale from an on-line shop. It was very colorful and not at all like a true Victorian boot from a hundred years ago. I do own a modern version of a Victorian boot in black with laces and a zipper for ease in slipping one's foot into. Although, a brown pair is, indeed, wanting to grace my closet someday.

When I saw this colorful Victorian version of a boot adorned with buttons, I immediately thought the boot shape would make a delightful gift-wrap package for jewelry. 
image from
Small pieces of felt and larger 36-inch pieces are available at your local craft store. Your fabric store will have better quality felt and larger sizes for the money.  Too late - I had already purchased brown and black felt at the craft store. At the fabric store, I got a meter of white felt that was thicker than the craft store variety. And it came VERY wide! 83 inches wide! So there you go! Purchase your Velcro strips from the fabric store, also.

 And without further ado, here are the easy directions.....

Felt fabric of your desired color
1/2-inch wide white lace
stick-on faux pearls (or small buttons)
strips of Velcro to match your felt fabric
matching thread, of course
pattern paper or wax paper for tracing your boot pattern

Either hand draw your boot pattern or trace it from a printout you copied online. Here is my pattern:

Fold your fabric in half and cut out two felt boots from your pattern. Measure your Velcro (for my boots the Velcro was approximately two inches long) and using your sewing machine, stitch the pieces to the inside top of the boots. I stitched around all four sides of the Velcro.
Measure a length of lace, turn under the ends and stitch it on the right side of one felt boot, like so. You don't need to decorate the other side of the boot unless you really want to.
I purchased this package of stick-on faux pearls at the craft store. I already had a roll of lace in my stash.
Place boot pieces together right-sides out and stitch all around (NOT across the top). You can see my stitching lines here. I stitched across the top of the "heel" so little items you may stash inside your boot won't get stuck down there.
If you prefer to sew buttons on, I suggest you do so BEFORE you stitch the two felt boot pieces together. Below is the prototype I made first. Sewing buttons on was tedious and time-consuming and that's why I opted for the stick-on faux pearls. Time is of the essence when it comes to making multiples.

Now you can add your stick-on faux pearls and your Victorian boot is complete - ready for gift-giving with Valentine candy stashed inside,  beautiful baubles, or even some tasty tea bags!

Here are the ones that will be offered in my Etsy shop soon for gift-wrapping jewelry purchases! Aren't they just adorable?
And for you shoppers out there......

I just listed two new carpet bags and two new envelope purses in my Etsy shop. I updated the red faux suede purse with a sparkly button. Here they are. You can access my Etsy shop HERE

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Creating New Clothes From Thrift Store Finds

Happy New Year Everyone! Trust you are sew fine today!

It's been a few weeks since I posted and today I'm bringing a DIY sewing project for those of you who enjoy creating new things from old things! And for those of you who are not crafty, I hope you enjoy seeing what others can create from thrift store finds.

There are no step-by-step photos of this project but I will explain how it all came together.

Last October I made a denim vest for my trip to South Carolina to visit my mom and sister. Check out the SC post here. As PEI is still without a regular fabric store now for over a year, I decided to go to the Value Village thrift store and purchase two pairs of jeans to use in creating my new vest. See the end of this post for another project created from one of the pockets!

The vest pattern is from the "No Time to Sew" book and pattern collection by Sandra Betzina that I purchased quite a number of years ago. Last spring I made another vest with this same pattern to wear with a thrift store t-shirt I transformed with lace (see post here) . My first vest made from this pattern is of a black corduroy and I still wear it occasionally.

I redesigned a bit of the pattern this time -  cut away from the arm holes and around the neckline, and added a bit to the front two panels. A lining wasn't needed. I cut the jeans apart after deciding how and where the pattern pieces would fit. I carefully removed the pockets and set them aside to re-use. Then I proceeded to cut out the vest pattern pieces and stitched them together.

Here is the completed vest - modeled by Dolly - that is adorned with some taupe lace and buttons from my own collection.

A close-up of the side with one of the salvaged jean pockets which was resewn on the vest front. It came with this cute zipper detailing.
Here's the back of the vest.
And a view of the other side with the second pocket that I adorned with my tea cup buttons.
A close-up of the front.
And another view of the front.
One pair of jeans had different shaped pockets and I used one of them to make this sweet little purse for my six-year-old granddaughter, Olivia, last November. Alas...I forgot to take photos of it before packaging it up for shipping! Too late - the package was already sealed with postage applied.  I asked my daughter, Melody, to take a photo of it for me and here it is below:
The purse is made from a lightweight denim fabric from my stash. It has a blue Toile lining with zipper closure and the pocket (re-purposed from the thrift store jeans) is adorned with lace and buttons. My Tintenfleck Studio label is stitched on the inside. It's a really cute purse, don't you think?

Here I am wearing the vest in Greenville, South Carolina last October. And if you haven't read the post about my black floral backpack/shoulder bag, check it out here.
Until next time.....

"She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple." Proverbs 31:22

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Salvation Army Thrift Store - From Donations to Bargains

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas and are getting ready to welcome the New Year in tomorrow evening.

In my last post about my ceramic Christmas village, I promised I'd share the newspaper article I wrote for the Times Chronicle about The Salvation Army Thrift Store located in Wilmington, Massachusetts - where I had purchased my collection of ceramic houses. It was a store I frequented often where I found great items to decorate and even furnish my home with. I'll share a couple photos at the end - a few of my favorite things!  ♫♪♬

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Here's a photo of my article published in the Middlesex East section of the Daily Times Chronicle dated December 8/9, 2004. An employee of the newspaper took the photo of the store.

Here's the article as it was published: 
It’s during the holidays that gift-giving and donations to charities are encouraged and emphasized.  The familiar red kettle and cling-clang of the bell ringers are seen and heard in the malls and shopping centers.  But there’s also another way to give to this familiar charity and benefit yourself at the same time.  The Salvation Army Thrift Store, located at 625 Main Street in Wilmington, is a collector’s paradise and a bargain hunter’s dream.   
To the cost-conscious consumer, the Thrift Store offers a wide variety of items for sale.  Something “new” arrives everyday.  From china and dishes, collectibles and clothes, to books and bedding, shoes and furniture, jewelry and toys, other people’s discards become another person’s treasure.
Originally called The Christian Mission, The Salvation Army was the creation of General William Booth and his wife, Catherine, in 1865.  The organization provided food and shelter to the urban, working class poor of England, the orphans, the penniless and castoffs of society.  Its foremost aim was saving souls, bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelistic meetings. General Booth was zealous and had a passion for soul winning. His daughter, Evangeline, later became the first woman to serve as General.  

In 1878, the mission changed its name to The Salvation Army.  It became a real army with corps, flags, ceremonials, military badges, ranks, brass bands, and uniforms.  In 1879, mission converts, Amos and Annie Shirley, and their daughter, Lieutenant Eliza Shirley, who had immigrated to the United States, unofficially started the work in Philadelphia.  After sending enthusiastic reports of their work to England and a request for help, General Booth sent a small group from England.  

On March 10, 1880, Commissioner George Scott Railton and “seven sisters” arrived in New York.  They were the first ones to wear uniforms.  Railton wore a “dark blue suit, cutaway coat and a high peaked hat.”  The ladies wore “short blue dresses, blue coats trimmed in yellow, and Derby hats.”  The hats had red bands around them on which the words “The Salvation Army” were embroidered in gold.  The style of uniforms has changed many times since then.   Upon their arrival, The Salvation Army became an official organization in the United States.  In 10 years, the organization had spread its evangelical crusade and social welfare program to 43 states.
Now over 120 years old, the organization has spread internationally and is in almost every corner of the world. The Salvation Army is still dedicated to its main purpose of reaching souls for Christ as well as providing help and aid to the less fortunate. Their many services include adult rehabilitation centers, temporary shelters and low cost housing for those on pensions or social security, and disaster relief - local, regional and national. 
During Christmas time, donations provide meals, clothing and toys for families in need. Gifts are distributed in nursing homes and hospitals. There are many families who require and receive help throughout the year, those who are struggling with family problems, who need employment or are dealing with emotional issues. Another source of revenue comes through the many thrift stores.
The benefits of the Thrift Store are threefold - it's a great place for bargains, a place where we can donate our used items, and the rehabilitation centers use the stores as training sites. A major part of the rehabilitation of men and women is through work therapy. The thrift stores help them gain self-esteem and achieve valuable vocational skills.
Shopping at the thrift store becomes an addiction.  What will I find today?  Perhaps a comfy wing chair for my library and books to fill the shelves.  Hardcover books for a buck, paperbacks for 50 cents.  Children’s books and cookbooks.  Old record albums and videos.  Rocking chairs and couches, baby carriages and strollers, bicycles, tables and chairs.  Clothing for men, women and children.  Maybe there’s another ceramic lighted house and my Victorian Christmas village will be complete.  Looking for an economical hostess gift?  Check out the glassware for a lovely vase or cut glass candy dish. 
The Thrift Store is a great place for college students on a budget where they can find pots and pans, mugs, dishware and flatware for their dorm rooms.  Dollar days, senior citizen discount days bring the low prices even lower.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, keep coming back.  Patience and perseverance will eventually pay off and you’ll find that perfect chair or tea pot you’ve always wanted.
Thrift Store hours are 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  If you purchase an electrical item, such as a lamp or coffee maker, and find that it doesn’t work, it can be returned within two days.  Otherwise, all sales are final.
As much fun as it is to shop there, consider dropping off your used furniture, clothing and household articles instead of selling them.  You’ll be donating them to a worthwhile organization. There is always someone else who can benefit from the items you can’t use anymore.  Donations are received in the back of the store from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  They will not take skis or ski equipment, magazines or encyclopedias.  Items should be in good condition - not broken, ripped or stained.  Questions?  Call 978-988-9488.  For more information on The Salvation Army and their many services, log onto their website:
This wooden mantel clock was purchased for seven dollars.
Victorian floor lamp
I love these cherry bowls. Can't believe someone gave them away so I could purchase them for cheap!

In the photo above, the large white platter on the shelf came from the thrift store, as well. It has a raised fruit design around the perimeter. I purchased the candelabra at Value Village here on the island. It came with some ivy and I added more along with twinkle lights. I also use it at craft fairs to hold my carpet bags. 

The "Bridewater" dishware displayed on the shelf were free to me! Bridgewater is made in England by Emma Bridgewater. You may already be familiar with this brand. These particular pieces are from her cream earthenware line called Black Toast. (Check online to see more of what this company offers.) 

I found these pieces by the side of the road in Woburn, MA while biking! I was passing a house on Pearl Street not too far from my home in Burlington when I spied a couple bags deposited on the ground by the homeowners. I got a glimpse of dishes peeking out and immediately stopped to see what wares were being tossed. Oh my soul! What a find! Two deep baskets on my bicycle came in handy to tote my new found wares (Bridgewater mugs and two bowls plus a small white platter that isn't in the photo.) I had a habit of using a towel in my bike baskets to cushion and keep whatever I was carrying with me from bouncing around. That towel sure came in handy that day on my 10-mile bike ride!

I don't frequent thrift stores too much now as there comes a point where a person doesn't need any more stuff  and occasionally I go through a clean-out phase and bring unwanted and unnecessary items to the local Mission Thrift store on the island for someone else to benefit from. And during my infrequent window shopping excursions through the local thrift and Habitat stores,  I do find something I can use, such as a new scarf for five dollars or a matching set of bedroom lamps for forty! When your bedroom is still lacking in lighting, then that purchase is worthwhile!

Have yourself a very wonderful Happy New Year!

Friday, December 22, 2017

A Year-Round Christmas Village

Dear family, friends, lovely creatures both great and small.....

May you find a few moments amidst your preparations for the Christmas holiday to peruse my year-round Christmas village! I do keep it up year-round as it's too much work to set up and take down for a seasonal display. I stopped collecting before we moved to Canada as I exhausted the space in my Burlington home and it was a tight fit here in our present home. Only two buildings didn't fit and are stashed upstairs.

(I hope you click on the link to view this post directly from my blog - it looks much lovelier that way!)
Here's my story......Over a stretch of several years, my village of quaint homes, shops, and places of business (including the ceramic trees) was collected and purchased entirely from The Salvation Army Store in Wilmington, Massachusetts. The only pieces of this pretty village that are brand new are the accessories - the trees, the moon, the lamp post, the people, children sledding, and choristers singing. 

The Salvation Army store in Wilmington was my favorite store. I can tell you more about that in my next blog post - where I'll share my newspaper article with you about this store. It was published in the Woburn Times Chronicle. 

As I said, all the houses in this collection were collected over several years. I wouldn't just buy any house/building I saw - I had to really like it - and so I did pass by a few once in awhile. And without further ado - here are the photos below.  

This village sits atop my glass door free-standing book case in the living room. I won't take the time and space to list all the types of buildings.

 The next village sits atop our TV cabinet in the living room. A lighthouse is on the left and it does flash. It was tricky taking photos of it lit at the right time. And the moon stands in the middle behind the twiggy tree. You'll see it lit at the end of this post.

 Here's a closeup of the moon.

And the third village sits atop the dining room hutch. There isn't any building duplicated in the whole collection.

And here they are displayed and lit in the evening. You'll see the moon shining this time. Here's the village over the bookcase.

Here's the next village with the lighthouse and moon shining.

 And a close-up of the moon behind the twiggy tree.

And the dining room village at night.

As we gather together in our homes with family and friends, may we remember and honor the One who came down to earth, to become man, and to die for our sins so that we may have eternal life. Have you accepted Him - Jesus Christ - as your personal Savior? I truly hope you have. If not, and you are looking for peace in this world of sin, do not hesitate to send me a note and I will show you how you can have eternal life and a new life in Christ.

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From our home to yours......
Have a very Merry Christmas!