Saturday, March 24, 2018

Fanny Crosby and Me

Hello lovely creatures on this snowy spring day! Perhaps you reside where the flowers are already springing up and the breezes are balmy and warm. We northerners need to wait a lot longer for such things to enjoy.
Photo of our back yard taken yesterday, March 23rd.
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Today, I am celebrating the life of the famous Fanny Crosby - a woman of incredible talent and faith, and the legacy she left behind so many years ago that impacted the evangelical world. When I read her biography many years ago, I discovered several similarities that we share! One, in particular, will be left for the end of this post.😉
A month after Fanny was born, her parents noticed there was a problem with her eyes. Unable to find a competent doctor to help them, they found a man who said he was a physician. He put a hot poultice on Fanny's red and infected eyes, much to the concern of her parents. It did, indeed, cause great harm to her corneas and ultimately caused blindness, an unfortunate turn of events. 

Later that same year, her father became very ill and in a few days passed away, leaving her mother a widow at 21. They were already living together with Fanny's grandparents and other family members, and so her mother, Mercy, found work as a maidservant for a wealthy family to help support the family. This meant that Fanny's grandmother, Eunice, would be the one to take care of her.

Eunice was determined that Fanny would have a good education and not succumb to being a poor, blind girl, dependent on others for help. Though blind, Fanny could see light and darkness and at times distinguish various hues. Because the family were believers in Christ - devout Puritans - Fanny was diligently taught from the scriptures, including the importance of prayer. Fanny was taught many other things, including botany, and later on at age 14, went to the New York Institute for the Blind.  

There's so much more to her life than I can recount here, and my main point of this post is to share the similarities we share. The LORD allowed her blindness to occur. Because of that, she excelled in many areas, namely in writing more than a thousand secular poems and around nine-thousand hymns! No claim to fame here -  I have tinkered with writing poetry, prefer poetry that rhymes, and especially love the Dr. Seuss books!

I am thankful for my vision and the ability to see God's creation - the wonders of the earth, animals, flowers, and the beautiful fabrics I use to create lovely accessories and clothing. Not to make light of Fanny's blindness - I am nearsighted, wear contacts, have an "Adie's Pupil" and am very sensitive to light, which means I even wear sunglasses in cloudy weather. The Adie's Pupil was diagnosed in my early twenties. It is slow to react to differences in light and is sometimes abnormally dilated. It's amazing to read that Fanny didn't mind being blind. She was very content!
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Fanny also excelled as a musician. In addition to writing hymns and poetry, she was very skilled in playing the guitar, piano, organ, and the harp!  She had trouble learning Braille and blames her inability to read Braille on playing the guitar. It does do a number on your fingertips! I did, for a very short time and a very long time ago, play the guitar - very basic chords. But then the guitar gathered dust in my closet and when missionary friends of ours were going to Fiji, that guitar went with them and found a new life in the Pacific! Music-wise, my similarities with Fanny now only extend to playing the piano and organ, but I have always had a life-time love of playing the harp someday. 

Mathematics was not Fanny's favorite - nor was it ever mine! In second grade, my teacher told me to stop counting on my fingers. Well, I still continued to do so, but not in the manner where she could tell. I'd have my hand resting on the desk and would press my fingers into the desktop one-by-one instead of holding them up in the air! And it's amazing that even though my "other-half" can add, subtract, and calculate percentages in his head, I'm the one who despises math, yet pays the bills, keeps track of the finances, and for a short time "did the books" for two Baptist churches here in Canada! But my claim to fame on finances only ends with adding up the incomes and expenses. Then I hand it over to our accountant at tax time! It has to be simple or else it gets stressful!

Fanny's 95 years of life was so incredible. She was the "Queen of Hymns." She lectured, spoke at churches, gave organ and harp concerts, was a prolific poet and hymn writer and a significant contributor to the success of D.L. Moody and Ira D. Sankey's evangelical campaigns. I highly recommend reading her biography. 

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And last but not least.......the one other thing we have in common...............

Happy Birthday to Fanny and Me!
I share the same birth date with her - albeit 135 years later! I find that so awesome!

March 24, 1820 and March 24, 1955

 Before you leave, 
have some chocolate cake with me! 
A cup of coffee or tea? 
It will be sure to please!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Organic and Handcrafted - Sweet Deals and a Giveaway!

Greetings to you all!

I'm back again with a couple of sweet deals that you don't want to miss! This is a promotional post for people of the female persuasion. Or those gentlemen who shop for their sweethearts and others!

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This post is about two businesses.

One brings you handcrafted items in beads and baubles and fine fabrics. Romantic products specially designed for the gentlewoman. That business is one you are familiar with. That business has a giveaway at the end of this post! Plus something else! 

But mostly, this post is about this second business!

It is one you may not be familiar with yet. It is one I support with my whole heart. If you read my posts on my blog, you may have noticed on the right sidebar I have a graphic called Clear Skin Minerals. The same photo you see here above. (Clear Skin Minerals photos are used by permission.) Lisa is the owner of Clear Skin Minerals and she creates natural-vegan-organic makeup - with delicious and safe ingredients you can feel good about putting on your skin!

I started ordering from her back in August of 2015 and instantly fell in love with her organic cosmetics! Today, I'm promoting her business because I love her products AND because I am part of her affiliate program. Keep reading for your sweet deals and my giveaway!

Here is a glimpse of the organic cosmetics I use from Clear Skin Minerals.
I currently use the TAME serum, powder foundation,  powder blush, and lip gloss (cherry flavor). The natural bristle makeup brush was a surprise (and free) item that came with one of my earlier purchases from her. It is SO soft!
I love her moisturizers! This anti-age natural skin serum is for mature faces - like me! or anyone! She offers another serum with Vitamin C.
The powder foundation is great! A little bit goes a long way. Buff on a little bit of powder. Wait a couple minutes for it to meld into your skin. You may not need to add any more. It really covers nicely!
Just a few grains of the powder blush is all it takes to give your skin a rosy glow. The powder will last for quite awhile! A couple other items shown below are the XO Dust (night powder and oil control) and the Angel Dust - just a touch provides a beautiful shimmer for special occasions.
 Here are some samples I've saved over the past three years that Lisa has added to my purchases. It's nice to get free things to sample, isn't it?

All her cosmetics have NO added chemicals, preservatives, parabens, or bismuth. You can read about all the natural ingredients on her website AND get instructions on how to properly apply her organic makeup.
 Her natural makeup is for all ages - all skin types - acne safe - anti-aging!

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