Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sewing Show and Tell and Sweet Deals Reminder

Hello all!


Today I'm showcasing the Easter dresses I made for my two granddaughters - Olivia and Lillian. I originally wanted to sew the same dress that my mom made me and my sister, Cindy, many years ago. I searched the pattern books for something similar but didn't find what I wanted. And there's not enough patience in my blood to draft a pattern to match. Of course, my mother doesn't have the pattern anymore. Here it is below, where I found it on Pinterest. It's Simplicity Pattern 4414. If anyone out there still has vintage patterns from the 1950s/1960s and you have this one, I'd love to buy it from you! I did find one on Etsy in the United Kingdom, but with shipping it's too expensive.
My mom made us matching dresses in a blue and white print with blue sashes.

Last fall when I was in South Carolina visiting my sister and mom, we went to Jo-Ann Fabric Store. There was a rack of private designer patterns for children and I found the sweetest dress that had a couple features I was looking for - a sash and a lower neckline on the backside. Not quite the same, is it? But still very cute! I purchased a blue and white cotton print from Fabricville in St. John, NB. The sashes were a white-on-white paisley print. Here they are below before I shipped them to Kansas!

The pattern company is Violette Field Threads. Instead of sleeves with elastic hem, I added lace; lengthened the dresses and added lace to the hems. The pattern is Piper F746. I had some difficulty with the instructions. The photos and directions were somewhat different than the traditional large pattern companies. This private design company has a website and I contacted them with my problems. The two women who design their line of children's clothing said that they licensed this pattern through McCall's.  Information was omitted and they were very disappointed with the outcome. On their website, they have a newly designed Piper pattern, so you will not see this particular one there with the same sash. For my difficulties with this pattern, they sent me free digital patterns of their newer version, which was very nice of them!
 I had quite a frustrating time trying to figure out the instructions on this sash, and when I did, it came out perfect. Very easy, in fact, once you knew how it all went together!
 The pattern does come with a long sleeve version and leggings. I chose to purchase leggings at Old Navy.
The day our daughter, Melody, received the package with the dresses (and an outfit for little William that I purchased from Old Navy - he didn't get a handmade Easter outfit, poor child!), we Skyped and watched the girls open their packages, put on their new dresses and run around the house! Lillian, in particular, did not want to take hers off! 

I asked for a photo of the children in their Easter Sunday best and was wishing for a close-up, but this is what I got. To clarify who is who - Olivia is six (in the middle), Lillian is three, William, two years old - and of course, our son-in-law, Adam. Here they are!
Little William is wearing his outfit from Old Navy. The shirt came with a cute bow tie!

Sweet Deals and a Giveaway
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If you would return to that earlier post on Sweet Deals and a Giveaway (read it here), you will find ALL the particulars on how to get two forever coupons. 
 Have a great weekend!


  1. Those dresses are adorable and your Grandaughters look so pretty in them. A great make.

  2. How very special to be able to sew dresses for your grand daughters! A special touch from your heart!