Friday, May 18, 2018

A New Chapter is About to Begin...

Greetings to all you lovely creatures!

It's time to say good-bye to our lovely PEI home and....

.....announce our imminent departure from the Land of Anne to the southern, subtropical state of South Carolina! 

Although these past several years (almost 9!)  have, at times, been very difficult, they have been very rewarding. The last two years, the Lord pulled us aside by ourselves (like Moses in the wilderness), to worship alone with Him, to study the scriptures from online messages – to confirm our faith in Christ, to gain spiritual insight, to draw us closer to Him, to rely on Him completely for all our needs. It’s been an amazing journey. It was not a mistake – the Lord meant this segment of our lives here on PEI to be a small chapter. We thought otherwise.  It wasn’t what we expected. Though if we hadn’t come, we wouldn’t have gained all that He has taught us so far. And we are grateful for that.

In April, the Lord sold our house in three days! Our closing date is July 3rd and, Lord-willing, we’ll be back in the U.S. on the 4th

 We would appreciate your prayers as we continue packing and managing a long to-do list.  Our Chrysler Minivan needs to be sold as we can’t import it to the U.S. That means renting a car for me to drive while Bill drives the U-Haul truck. We’ll be stopping in MA for three full days of visiting family and friends – especially seeing our daughter,  Melody,  her husband, Adam, and our three  grandchildren that we haven’t seen for several years. They will be meeting us in MA. Then on to PA and stopping overnight to visit my uncle, aunt, and cousin; and finally, on the 9th, we’ll arrive in SC. Bill’s sister, Aida, is graciously allowing us to stay with her (and store all our household goods) until we’re able to get our own place.

We’ve been praying earnestly these last two years for what the Lord will have for us in this new journey and new chapter of our lives. 
Psalm 37:3-5  -  Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

What will happen to my blog and Etsy shop??

As of today, I will be taking a sabbatical from posting on my blog for approximately two months or so, so I can focus on packing and getting settled in SC. 

My Etsy Shop will be put on "vacation mode" as of today - with an announcement on the shop page with information about my relocating to the U.S. My listings will not be available for purchase during this time.

After getting settled in SC, I will work on opening a NEW Etsy Shop with a different name. 
(My blog will stay the same - same name as it is now.)

Without going into all the mundane details....because of the way the Etsy organization is set up financially - anyone moving from one country to another must open a new shop with a new name or a variation of their old one. I have decided to choose a new name for my new U.S. Etsy shop! 

You'll have to wait until I open my new shop to find out!

My special promotion that has been going on for a number of weeks (the 20% off coupons for Clear Skin Minerals and for my Etsy shop) will be "put on hold" until I open up my new Etsy shop sometime this summer. Barring any unknown problems with that promotion, it will be reinstated for my new Etsy shop. 

You can still shop at Clear Skin Minerals using the link from my blog (on the right side bar) and get 20% off your purchases from that shop, but the 20% off coupon for my Etsy shop is now on vacation. :-)

When my new Etsy shop opens, my previous Tintenfleck Studio Etsy Shop will remain on "vacation mode" for a number of months, so anyone that is looking for me there will know where to find my new shop.
If you have any questions pertaining to my move or to the items in my shop, please feel free to contact me via email. (

"See" you sometime in the summer!


  1. Hope all goes well with the move and you have a wonderful time catching up with family. Take care.

  2. Dear Linda, praying for you as you head toward a new chapter in your lives. Praying for the Lord's protection and provision as you pack, move, and settle into a new home. Hugs!

  3. May the Lord show you the plans he has designed for your lives together for this season. He knew what each day would hold even before you were born (Psalm 139). I pray that in all the busyness of moving that you will not miss his still quiet voice to guide you into that perfect place of service to Him. May you be blessed as you follow him!

    1. Thank you so much, Dave and Linda! Hugs to you!

  4. I was surprised to hear from Heidi that you are moving..... my husband and I are renting a cottage on PEI June 17-23 in Savage Harbor..... we are familiar with the summerside area and have been to a church there and became friends with an older couple there.... Dave and Anita Wells, I believe is their name.... it’s been several years and we have lost contact with them.... anyway........ Mike and I are entering a new chapter ourselves as we are now empty-nesters..... it’s a strange feeling....we both have had health issues this past winter as well as the death of my dad and me staying in Maine with my mom and dad for 2 weeks until his death and then 5 more weeks staying with my mom.... so our lifestyle has changed and we are eating organic and no sugar and we are feeling we are in need of a vacation.... the first week in PEI and the next 10 days in Nova Scotia with some of our kids and spouses joining us for the last weekend..... we are looking forward to it so much .....wouldn’t it be funny if we ran into each other?!?... well I’m not sure why I unloaded all that on you but ..... God bless on this next chapter of YOUR life!
    Kerry Trumble formerly Johnson

    1. Hi Kerry! Thanks for your note. I'll reply via messenger. :-)

  5. Just visiting your blog and excited to see the changes that the Lord is making! I'm sure you'll be sad to leave the island but happy to be with your family again, praying for the Lord's traveling mercies as you make the transition to your new home!

    1. Thanks, Marilyn!Yes, there are a few things I'll miss, but they don't outweigh the positive things we'll gain by relocating to SC. Thanks for praying! :-)