Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How to Create a Powerful Passion and Pursuit - It's Easy!

Greetings! Hope you are having a lovely week!

There are many facets to my life that I have a passion for – which is a reason I started this blog. A few passions include the love of fine fabrics – the gorgeous ones that become carpet bags and purses; reading a romantic novel and keeping a collection of good books; playing classical music on my old upright piano; ...the list goes on. 

 But, I have a distinctive passion and pursuit that I want to share with you today!

Can you guess what it is?

This singular passion and pursuit of mine starts with the letter “P.” 

Here are some points of this distinctive passion that I pursue every day:

It is enjoyable and worthwhile.
It makes me feel good.
It can bring joy to others if I share it with them.
It is EASY (keep reading to find how easy it is).
It is healthy for me.
It is profitable for me.
It involves the color pink.

Maybe you know or can guess what this passion and pursuit of mine is.

How to determine if my passion can be your passion

Let's consider the answers to these questions first:

Do you want to feel good?

Are you a person who cares about their health and what goes into their body?

Are you looking for great health products you can fully trust in?

Do you want health products that actually work?

Do you have good health and want to keep it that way?

Do you believe that investing in your health with natural supplements is the way to go or would you rather rely on medication?

Do you want to improve your health using naturally sourced supplements that really work?

Do you want to purchase your health products from a reputable company that cares about their customers and employees?
Would you like to receive a commission on your own purchases?

Have you been looking for a work-at-home opportunity?

If you can answer YES to these questions, keep reading! If you are still skeptical, keep reading!

Though I am not a steadfast stickler or slave to any kind of diet scheme, fad, or otherwise very good health regime, I DO care about what I put into my body – the water I drink, the food I eat...


I DO care that the supplements I choose to take are crafted of the very best naturally sourced ingredients possible.


Here is where profitable meets up with a healthy lifestyle

How does a person sell these products? Here is what we DON'T DO:

We DON'T have home parties.
We DON'T order products for customers.
We DON'T stock products in our homes.
We DON'T deliver products to customers.

Are you surprised? My company is not like the other companies that rely on home parties every week to sell their products. There are no weekly or monthly quotas to fulfill.

Here is the EASY PART

Here is what we DO DO and it's the EASY part:

We share the products with people we meet on the street, at our church, at the grocery store, at work, or by phone, email, or social media.

We order products for ourselves on our OWN (FREE) website.

Our products are purchased online in three ways:  retail, preferred customer, and wholesale. I purchase my products wholesale – the cheapest way of all three.

Did I say it was EASY? Did I say I make a commission on my own purchases? Can you get a commission from purchasing your very good supplements at your local natural store?

Did I tell you that all the products come with a 60-day money back guarantee? No questions asked!

Did you know that I am making a very good residual income and that there are many stay-at-home mothers AND dads working from the comfort of their own home by sharing these great all-natural supplements with friends, family, and people they meet?

Better health with all naturally sourced supplements and a residual income is a great combination. It’s a win-win situation!

Want to know how you can better your health AND make a great income like me at the same time? I’m ready to share my passion with you and make it your passion.  

Here’s my email address: Let’s chat! Add my pink passion to your life and see what happens!

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