About Me

My passions and pursuits...

Mountains, green rolling hills, the smell of pine and cedar trees (I’m not going to mention that I love the smell of cow excrement wafting in the air), oceans waves and beaches - anything about the Victorian and Edwardian era, wearing dress hats, music (piano, organ - classical and sacred)…

Raspberry lemon tea, black currant rum tea (from my favorite island restaurant), Earl Grey tea (London Fog latte, yum!), iced tea and coffee, Starbucks lattes, Maine Black Bear ice cream…

PEI Preserve Co in New Glasgow  - my favorite restaurant

Favorite colors (black, red, sage green, blue); kitties and mice, horses and foxes, red and pink roses, lupines and hydrangeas, sewing, cooking, illustrating, making jewelry…

Reading (Gothic romance books, mysteries, Charles Dickens, Anne of Green Gables), watching Sherlock Holmes, Murdoch Mysteries on CBC, Houdini & Doyle, Criminal Minds, and home renovation/décor programs...

Born and raised in Massachusetts, 95% of my life resided in Burlington (in the house my paternal grandfather built and my father was born in). At the age of 7, I accepted the LORD as my Savior. For many years our family attended The Church of the Open Bible. My husband (Bill, aka William, as I call him) and I met there and married December 20, 1975. We have one daughter – Melody – who is married to a wonderful guy – Adam – and they have three beautiful children (of course they do) – Olivia, Lillian, and William. They live in Kansas. My husband is also musical – he plays the trombone (well, it’s been in the closet for awhile) and was a choir director for many years. He and his two brothers have sung trios for many years when they were living near each other. He hails from Beirut, Lebanon.

St. John, NB - Irving Park

William and I moved to Canada from the United States in 2009 to help with a church ministry. We live smack-dab in the middle of the island near the Confederation Trail (formerly the railroad) which snakes through the middle of the island from the western tip to the eastern tip. We live in the "Land of Anne" where author Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote her novels of this red-headed orphan girl, and other stories centered on her island home.

A few years ago I took the plunge and opened up an online shop on Etsy.com starting with ink and watercolor illustrations, initial pendants with my own illustrated letters under glass, Celtic Knot jewelry and earrings. In 2015, I branched out into sewing Victorian carpet bags, totes, purses, and scarves, and other jewelry.

What are your passions and pursuits?
French River, PEI


  1. Those are some really amazing and elegant looking bags. I was looking for something like this. That black one with white spots is something which caught my attention.

    1. Thanks! I hope you've checked out my Etsy shop and see what I have! :-)

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  4. I'm getting myself all confused. Sorry for the repeated deleted comments. :-)

    Ok, so I just read about you here and your family is the same Shukris that my family met! Wow. Imagine that! We ate dinner at the Tourians'(sp?) house one day while we were there and your family, or at least part of it, was there as well. :-) Possibly you were there yourself. We were at COB for the annual missions conference that year. :-)

    Now I'm wondering what your maiden name is since you have such a long history there. Also, so you know, my grandparents are Wes and Frances Van Nattan who were supported by COB until they went to heaven. My parents are Steve and Elizabeth Van Nattan. :-)

    1. Also, after reading more carefully (roll eyes here), I remember that it was Mr. Tourian who is Armenian and the Shukris are Lebanese. :-)

      I wasn't paying attention to the date you got married at first, so I was thinking you were closer to my own age. :-)

      Note to self: Read things more carefully before getting excited and commenting! Ha!