A sampling of jewelry, fabric bags, and illustrations that I have created.
My Etsy Shop is on vacation mode now due to my move back to the U.S. You will not be able to see my listings right now. See my latest blog post for more information on when my new shop will open. Feel free to contact me at any time via email.

My signature ink and water color illustrated INITIAL pendants
available in my Etsy shop.

This delightful little purse with shoulder strap was made with a napkin I just folded
and stitched together. No cutting involved. Inserted a black and white toile lining.
Gave it to my niece, Abigail.

 pale yellow faux fur tote

black faux fur tote

brown mink faux fur tote

white faux fur tote
All my fur totes are created in ultra soft as a bunny faux fur!
So soft that you can't help but run your fingers repeatedly through the fur!

A bed full of bags!
Victorian carpet bags available in my Etsy Shop

A beautiful carpet bag for my first customer in France.

An envelope purse for my first Australian customer!

A custom fur tote for my second Australian customer.

 My illustrations are done in ink and watercolor, and sometimes colored pencil is added. You can find some of these same examples and others in my Etsy Shop. Custom orders are always welcome!

Ink and watercolor llustration of a church in eastern PEI.
Vacant church was purchased and moved to a different site to be used as a home.

Name sketch for a customer in NC.

 Custom house portrait for a customer.

 Custom house portrait for a customer in Virginia.

House portrait done for my sister, Cindy, and her family.

 Original ink and watercolor and colored pencil.
Christmas gift for dear friends of ours on PEI.

 My own poetry honoring moms. Prints available in my shop.

 My own poetry celebrating dads. Prints available in my shop.

 My own poetry illustrated. I can create a new original from this if you so desire.
This is listed in my Etsy Shop.

 An illustrated watercolor with my own handwriting with a calligraphy pen.

My first and only Advent Calendar. Each print required me to hand cut the windows.
Way too much work. I still have extra prints available, if someone really, really desires to have one. But I don't have them listed in my Etsy Shop anymore. I don't feel like cutting the windows! :-(

Advent Calendar showing the windows opened.

 Name sketch for my great niece.

 Name sketch for my niece Holly and her family.

 Custom illustration for my friend Jane's bathroom light switches.

Name sketch for my sister, Cindy, and her family.

My first original of Two Turtle Doves given to my best friend, Jane, as a token of our friendship.

My 2nd original rendition of Two Turtle Doves that hangs in my living room.
Prints are available in my Etsy Shop.

Our house here on PEI - I won 2nd prize at the Charlottetown Exhibition several summers ago.
(blue ribbons in Canada denote 2nd place, red ribbons are 1st)

 North Rustico lighthouse, North Rustico - PEI, with Emard Court
(a long time and famous fisherman on PEI!)
Here I won first prize at the Charlottetown Exhibition (red ribbon in Canada)

 Name sketch for my husband's niece for her wedding gift.

Name sketch for my great nephew.

 Charter created for the church my husband and I used to attend.

 Name sketch gift for a young friend of ours for her wedding.

 This iris painting was my first watercolor in 2012! (many years ago I used to paint in oils)
The original was done in ink, watercolor, and colored pencil. My dear friend, Ruth, requested irises in memory of her mom, who had previously gone home to be with the LORD.  Her mom loved irises. Prints are available in my Etsy Shop.

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